Thursday, 22 July 2010

Dear Everybody, Welcome to EVERYBODY taking part in the wonderful Tenby 10K that start at the Croft, close to Tenby town centre at 11am on Sunday 25th JULY. 
This is such a beautiful town and Tenby 10k is an exceptionally friendly and lovely  race organised by Ann Rowell 01834 842345. It is one of  the club races of TROT St Clears Running Club, to which I belong.  (I shall be one of those helping at a water station..a lovely job!)- IF YOU ARE STAYING NEAR TENBY OR ANYWHERE IN SOUTH WALES on holiday - Please COME AND RUN!!! I'd love to see you..  You CAN enter on the day.  Everybody, from champion runners to fun runners and all on holiday are vvvv welcome  - see for details.

  Love and thanks again to you all - hope so v much u can come and run on Sunday.  Rosiexxx

Saturday, 22 May 2010

thank you Rob

Thank you for the wonderful photos.

Thursday, 20 May 2010


THE NEXT ADVENTURE IS A LECTURE TOUR IN THE UK AND USA.Please look at my brand new TALKS WEBSITE JUST STARTED TODAY.. Thank you all for following me and doing so much to help me keep going..

Monday, 17 May 2010


Dear Everybody, GREAT NEWS - £5,398 has been raised for Ty Hafan through JustGiving, and also 500 pounds has been donated to Ty Hafan by Tenby Rotary Club, and another £200 and £100 was given by Tenby Golf Club and Kidwelly Rotary Club.. Also, £3,242.22 has been raised on the JustGiving pages as you can see, for Helen and Douglas House - and it is stil coming inthanks to you all - and every penny is very badly needed. Both these charities are always going of be part of my life. They will join my other special causes that include The Prostate Cancer Charity and the Kidney Wales Foundation. I shall continue to do everything I can to help them.
Also marvellous news is that Runner's World have asked me to write an article about running the 27 marathons. This will be in the September issue, out in August- I look back on running 27 marathon in 27 days and they seem a mix of a story of True Human Magic because of the fabulous people I met and the landscapes through which I ran... but also like something out of a blockbuster epic film.. with near desasters.. and struggles and set backs that almost meant the end and failure - but ALWAYS I was helped against the odds to win through...
The last piece of good newsis that the book JUST A LITTE RUN AROUND THE WORLD has just gone into 5th edition, 36,000 copies will be in print up to now... It is especially wonderful news as it means the advance will soon have been paid back so that I can put a percentage of the royalties forever to aid the Prostate Cancer charity.
Thank you for reading the book and for hundreds of kind letters about it.I am so very, very grateful to a everybody... for so many reasons..
Most of all, I have to say that the dark days in Siberia when I thought I would never make it home are now all worth it...
Icebird and I never dreamed we'd end up running the 27 marathons in 27 days around Britain together!!! - this pic of Icebird in Iceland two years ago... and Icebird in her new cover and wonderful logos designed by Robert Thomas before the start of the 27marathons - brings it all back..
The little cart and I both got into trouble during the recent marathons... She was saved by Laddingford Engineering, welded together on TWO different occasions... and keptgoing. One exampel was that she broke so badly at Southend, that she her bottom was trailing on he ground... I was in despair.. trying to drag her and make do the vital 26.2 miles in Southend somehow, before getting to Brighton for the marathon there next day...
I kept doing the Southend miles, determined to achieve them somehow.. the 26.2 miles was the law. I did not know how to get the cart mended.. or how to get that done and reach Brghn for thenext marathon, all I knew was that if I failed in Southend, the rest of the marathons could not make it up. I kept looking at the precious Garmin... mile after slowmile.. until they added up to the 26.2!! Often frends kindly drove my car to the start of the enxt marathon while I slept in my sleeping bag in theback, but this time I was going to have to drive my little car with its trailer and Icebird put on top myself, but was afraid but after the big struggle of pullin a broen cart wa so tired I was afraid I would fall asleep at the wheel, and also had not idea how to get the cart mended in time, or how to get the energy to run the Brighton marathon. The fact I had no daygs off but HAD to run a marathon a day, was the biggest challenge, and hard thngs nearly impossible logistically if anything went wrong, as there was no slack time in which to fix it!! There was no stack time. It had been my choice! I had felt pulling my cart and having no days off would make it a bigger challenge and make moremoney for the charities.. but this time I feared I was beaten. I did not say this to myself. I said... Something good WILL HAPPEN... I'LL MAKE IT..and so I did - becaus magic happened - two wonderful, wonderful strangers on the seafront (whose names I still ahveto strugle to find on the torn off piece of paper they gave me afterwards) offered to drive my car. The kind gentleman took the wheel and his wife and son followed behind in their own car. I phoned Laddingford Engineering and Dave said they would wai for me.. so I was driven to the Laddingford Engineering Works near Maidstone.. and Dve and is team worked on cebird until nearly midnight.. The straner had left, but the sleep I 'd had in the back of the car on the way to Maidstone had given me energy - and s after Icebird was fixed against the odds in time.. I droe her off at about 1am - and after just one more hour's seep in a laby on the way - made it t Brighton with Icebird in time to run the Brighon Marathona after there JUST IN TIME - and was wonderfully supported by my son James (also brilliant master of the website) who lives in Hove, and also fabulously support by Rob Thomas's sister Sarah and her husband Guy...They are extraordinary people, as my new book will tell. It turned out that I was able to run withIcebird all the way in the Brighton Marathon... and it became the little cart's proudest moment after all... People were hanging fromther balconies cheering all the runners... but especially cheering Icebird...they were shouting themselves hoarse for us...hanging from the balconies... I had tears in my eyes all the time... and all the other runners were wonderful to me. too. So generousI'll just never forget any of it..I think people thought I was namedICEBIRD too!!They were shouting ICEBIRD...ICEBIRD...ICEBIRD... I can still hear it...The is just a very rough sketch of one of the moments that could have ended it all...but ended up as one of the very special memories of the 27 days.. There's so much more to say I hope to tour the country giving talks and meeting someof you again. Meanwhile just thank you all again so very, very much..
tel 0781 594 3786

Friday, 14 May 2010

Photographer Gareth Davies, who kindly sent me this photo of Rosies running 27th marathon with friends.

Monday, 3 May 2010

Roast dinner! - thanks to my friends Tracey and Steve Thomas, Weybourne Guest House Tenby - neighbours - talkk about being spoilt!!! Rxxxxx

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Slept most of today...feels strange to sleep in a bed again... V emotional finish.... I am grateful for a little rest now but the love of the open road..and for all those I meet along the way will never leave my heart... This will be the beginning of something else.. My family. Friends all the great people and runners have given me strength.. First step will be to get treatment for torn knee ligament.. Will be better soon. Thank you all so much for sponsoring me... Please don't stop yet, as it has helped TY Hafan and Helen House so very much. Love. Rosiexx

Three cheers for all the wonderful people who helped me all along the way.   Rxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PS if anyone has photos of the finish please send them my way. Many thanks James.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pictures from Rosie's 27th and last marathon.Well done mum.  Love James

Rosie on the BBC News website here.
Wonderful team... Three cheers for them all.. We are so grateful to those sponsoring us to help Ty Hafan and Helen House hospices..THANK YOU ALL ALSO SO VERY MUCH FOR SPONSORING ME ON LINE ... PLEASE CONTINUE TO HELP.. Last marathon today..hope to much to reach target. Rxxxx

Ella abd Wil Richardson - who are part of lovely Richardson family - with me on day 1 - and now on day27!!!!!rxx

Start of Tenby marathonR. xxxx 
 Scott and Matthew welcomed me w breakfast before 27th marathon.rxx

Friday, 30 April 2010

Hi everyone, great news, is about mile 23 offer 26 marathon. She has nearly finished her challenge, but she is doing one extra marathon tomorrow in Temby and then she'll be finished. Regards James.
Rosie and Michelle - HBA and Lisa Moore - Hannah Meredith Foundation.
Rosie and Peter - HBA at mile 20
The HBA gang with Rosie
Rosie's BBC film crew and Times photoghrapher at the Llanelli Star Great Welsh Marathon
Luke Gasser - Human Being Active and Rosie Swale 
 Rosie and some of the Human Being Active team
Rosie on Llanelli's Millennium Coastal Path
Aled Llywelyn - the world's most rugged photographer tel 07969002137. Rxx

Rosie and the youngest mermber of Human Being Active
Hi Vicky here is Rosie with the SaponAqua cream
Icebird and the other birds!!!  Llanelli 26th Marathon!  Rxx
Tim, organiser of Llanelli Marathon (number 26!!!!!!) greeting me.. V rainy... Arrived 2.30am thanks to wonderful Tess, who drove me from Stratford to here...then caught 3.30ish am train home! - Icebird and I keep meeting the most brilliant and amazing people everywhere..
I am vvvvvvvv excited to be back in Wales.. Determined that knee will hold out..I'm inspired by all the great people now donating on my JustGivingpages - I am so very grateful.. You are making every step worthwhile. Love, Rosiexx

THE FINISH STRATFORD - VLOADING icebird to take hour to Llanelli.rxxxx

Thursday, 29 April 2010

Dear James and Rob, this pic is very important as tee-shirt from Antur who generously sponsored me and helped me get equipment for run and also helped towards the fuel costs, vv much appreciated.  Rxxxxx
 Margaret..oh Margaret.. Spent 12 hours on ferry then 9 hours on her scooter (even along M5!!) - then even she's never run before - she ran 15 miles today _ shaking a b ox - and raised a load of money for Helen House and Ty Hafan!!! - also big than to Dave, Wayne, Naomi and at Simply Run ( and to the remarkable and v helpful Tess Lulkehurst. Rxx

Rebecca Pridham hunted us down and gave us lots of money!
In our fashionable rain wear in friend Colin Smith Family Butcher in Wellforth-on-Avon.  Rxx
I'm very pleased to have met Mick Curry, the Mick in MicknPhil Marathon lads, also winners of the Jane Thomlinson award, here in Stratford.
 Icebird in front of Shakespeare's birthplace. Rxxx
Stratford Runners!!rxx
This is wonderful Margaret Stamps who has ridden her scooter all the way from Jersey to run with me and the lovely Simply Run Shop Stratford team. And three cheers for Tess Lukehurst who is being absolutely fantastic. Lovexx Rosie

Andrew Fox, commissioned from The Guardian newspaper to photo Icebird and me before Stratford Marathon today.. Rxxxxxx

Steve Morris journalist for Guardian newspaperrxxxxx

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

....Ian Gosling - who has come to guide again..Ellie will there too later. Rx
Jo came all the out to Windsor. Rxxx

With Henry! - in Great Windsor Park..rxxx
Lovely here, but ran until midnightish completing Reading Marathon nursing knee..great support from MOTI CLAN.. Also brilliant Reading Runners Ian and Ellie on their bikes..m many many thanks. Late to Windsor today driving myself to start... Have permission to use Royal Grounds. Will be amazing though expect to finish v late again - but all the support is willing me forward - only FOUR marathons to go including extra one!!!!! Rosiex

Windsor Park... Met these nice cyclists on a challenge for the RNLI..GREAT ..started late, but knee feels much better thanks to Jo's massage yesterday. Rxxxx